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Get Golfing is a charity set up in 2018 to support struggling English golf facilities and stem the flow of course and club closures.

We currently own and operate under long leases nine sites with 5,500 members and over 100,000 unique visitors each year. We employ between 250 and 400 staff (depending on the time of year) and have annual revenues of circa £12 million with annual surpluses of approximately £2m. These surpluses are re-invested back into our venues and our staffs careers and our communities objectives.

Our Key Objectives

The objectives of Get Golfing are to increase participation in golf, nurture a culture of inclusion at our venues, and promote the use of our facilities to non golfers and other non for profit organisations within our communities. The personal and career growth of our staff is fundamental to meeting these objectives.

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Our Venues Objectives

Get Golfing recognise that not all clubs and courses are the same, and critical to our success is choosing the right path for each venue.

We have approximately 5,500 active members who benefit from varying membership categories that are designed to suit each individuals playing habits. As we traditionally take over venues that have struggled, we fundamentally believe that to grow a golf membership, it all starts with encouraging visitors to come to the club and experience what we have to offer as our research shows that 70% of members have played the course previously as a visitor, then in time the visitors migrate towards membership, consequently the Club moves more toward more member play and mostly visitor use at off peak times.

To ensure this progression of visitors to members, the condition of the golf course needs to be excellent for as long as possible each year. Without exception, the members and visitors witness significant improvements in the condition of their courses that is supported with increased maintenance budgets and with time, major project investments.

Across our sites we nurture a culture of inclusion both on and off the courses. Our focus is on creating a relaxed culture for our members and visitors where they feel welcome with attentive staff and a “can do” culture. Aside from our golf operations, we have a dedicated team of Community Support Officers who work with local schools and charities where we open our doors to them so they can use our facilities and help support their own objectives.



We aim to provide premier standard golf courses at a great value. In order to achieve these standards each site has seen significant investment in course infrastructure. We have tailor made and implemented fertiliser and aeration programmes across each site, which has paid dividends on the performance on all surfaces. We will continue to invest in all project areas from drainage, pathways and bunker renovations. We believe this combined with investing in training and support of the green keeping teams will improve all year round performance and enjoyment for every visitor.


We invest significantly into our clubhouses in order to provide a space for the local community to meet and enjoy great food & beverage. The clubhouses are the hub of our clubs and we offer free use of the facilities to our local charity.

Our Finances

Get Golfing believes in being as transparent as possible. The management team is committed to holding frequent Q&As to keep Members up-to-date with plans regarding the facilities, events and courses at their club.

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Local Suppliers & Contractors

Wherever possible Get Golfing will source local suppliers and use local products at its sites. Wherever possible, Get Golfing aims to set up direct relationships with manufacturers, offering a fair price for the products needed for its golf courses and clubhouses.

Get Golfing believes in working with local companies, including start-ups or single traders, wherever possible to support the local economy as well as building trust and a spirit of collaboration within the local community.

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